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Use the science of relationships to enhance innovation, empowerment and resilience.
Alicia FortinberryDr. Bob Murray
You will radically change your life by learning how to create relationships that empower you and make you more effective as a leader, adviser, parent, partner.

Create relationships that empower you

Over three decades, Bob Murray MBA, PhD and Alicia Fortinberry PhD, have empowered organisations and individuals to shape and implement lasting change.

Talk to us about how our simple, research-based concepts and skills can help you:

  • shape and implement successful strategy
  • build resilience and improve mental health
  • manage conflict at all levels
  • hold difficult conversations
  • give and receive actionable feedback
  • drive innovation and adaptation
  • enhance trust and collaboration
  • enable behavioral change and growth
  • develop transformational leaders
  • create diverse, high performing teams
  • strengthen influence and impact
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Alicia and Bob’s work uniquely brings together a confluence of new research from psychology, neurobiology, behavioural genetics, biological psychiatry and anthropology.


Together they won the US Science Achievement Award for insights on human motivation and development and were appointed to head the US government’s national work stress initiative.

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Bob and Alicia are best-selling authors on optimism, resilience and leadership.

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Leading the Future: The Human Science of Law Firm Strategy and Leadership (2nd edition)

Leading the Future: The Human Science of Law Firm Strategy and Leadership (2nd edition)

In the search for effective and innovative solutions to today’s mounting challenges, successful law leaders are turning to new and often startling findings from behavioural science. The revised and updated best-seller Leading the Future: The Human Science of Law Firm Strategy and Leadership provides expert advice and practical guidance on how to lead, manage, and market legal businesses in accordance with how human beings really work.
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Our course LEADING AND MANAGING PEOPLE with the College of Law

Recommencing in 2024, this subject is a road map to understanding the complexities and motivations of individuals and teams, and how to lead them to success.

When certain boys feel their masculinity is threatened, aggression enuses

This research reveals the triggers in aggressive young men, and why we should change harmful societal pressures on them to be stereotypically masculine.
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