The power of belonging

The need to belong and feel part of a supportive relationship is the most powerful human driver. Ever increasing loss of a sense of belonging is dangerously eroding our physical and mental health.It threatens the vitality and sustainability of our workplaces and communities.

This talk will give you a clear research based understanding of such concepts as “belonging” and “relationship safety”, and practical skills to achieve these for yourself and others – at work and outside it.


60 - 90 minute talk

You will learn

How to build trust and get your needs met.

What really drives and motivates people and what doesn’t

Simple actions to build a connection quickly with almost anyone

Howto turn acquaintances and colleagues into “tribe” members

Howto decide when you want to belong and where you don’t

Perfect for

Anyone who wants to feel more supported and empowered to create an environment in which others can

Bring your best future forward

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