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Fortinberry Murray offers expertise and innovative ideas proven over the decades to work with top tier firms in ways that generate lasting results.
Dr Alicia Fortinberry

Talks & Keynotes

Bob and Alicia are in demand globally as speakers, whether as conference keynotes, Town Halls or as part of broader training programs. Drawing on the latest science enlivened by anecdotes from decades of experience with leaders, they use the latest science-based knowledge to help people gain a new understanding of how human beings really work and practical tools and tips they can immediately put to use. Topics ranging from leadership to empowerment and diversity, from collaboration to wellness and resilience. Each presentation is tailored to the needs of the organisation and the make-up of the audience. 

Attendees are encouraged to interact with them through questions, and if time, with each other through short, lively exercises. Audiences are engaged, inspired, amused and intellectually challenged. 

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Dr Alicia Fortinberry running a training workshop

Training & Workshops

Given the rate of change and the new challenges facing the professions and other organisations, your people must be able to adapt to different ways of working, to look for new solutions, to fully collaborate and to strongly influence. As leaders, advisors, marketers and colleagues, they must be able to motivate and engage others and build trust and loyalty. 

This knowledge and these skills are not innate; they are learned. Bob and Alicia’s wide experience and unique expertise enable them to translate the latest human science into concepts that engage and challenge people’s view of themselves and others. Attendees at their talks or workshops  acquire practical tools and skills that galvanise lasting, measurable behavioural and mindset change. 

Sessions are lively and engaging, with opportunities to apply the ideas and actions and the opportunity to get to know themselves and each other in new ways. Participants report results not just at work but outside it, and spread the enthusiasm and ideas throughout the organisation.

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Senior Executive & Group Coaching

Finding the right executive coach can be challenging. There are a lot of people with coaching certificates and/or career experience eager to give advice. However, few are truly qualified to help people decide where their focus needs to be and what would be most beneficial for them to change and develop. And even fewer are equipped to empower people to make lasting behavioral change in themselves and their people.

Bob and Alicia are recognized leaders in leadership,culture, human development and resilience. They won the US Science Achievement Award for their ground-breaking work on the genetic, biological and experiential factors in personality and behavioral change.

Their theory is grounded in the latest science and honed into practical application through several decades of helping people solve problems and become who they want to be inside and outside of work. They worked as psychotherapists in the US and are globally recognized by major organisations as senior executive coaches, advisors and group facilitators. Their best-selling books range from building optimism in yourself and your family to enhancing organisational leadership, resilience, culture and strategy.

The core focus is on helping people build the awareness and skills to form strong relationships that gain commitment to them as influencers, leaders and colleagues. As we get our functional needs met for status, autonomy, learning and relational safety we are empowered to be our authentic selves and can inspire and empower others.

Their background as psychotherapists assures their dedication to client confidentiality. We encourage and support open communication between coaches, colleagues and teams based on clarity and relationship safety.

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Using empathy, understanding and gentle humor, Alicia guides coachees to a better understanding of themselves. She partners with them to overcome blockers and challenge limiting assumptions about themselves and others. She guides them to communicate genuine needs and build safety and competence in every encounter through mindful listening, curiosity and stating clear needs and boundaries. Her background is in journalism as well as psychology, and she has studied under the founders of systems theory in personal and group dynamics, Gregory Bateson and Virginia Satir.


With a startling clarity around root causes and underlying issues, Bob swiftly brings people to a new understanding of themselves and opens a world of possibilities. Known universally as Dr Bob, he coaches clients in major government departments, business vast and mid-sized, professional service organizations, business associations and universities in Asia,Australia, Europe, the UK, and the US. Dr Bob has an MBA and PhD and was awarded a Fellowship by the British Institute of Management. He will challenge you, he will question your dearest (almost always mistaken) assumptions and he will quickly get you heading in the direction you want to go.

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Dr Alicia Fortinberry

Building High Performance Teams

High performance teams are not like other teams and rarely come about by accident. Diverse, highly cooperative and innovative,  they need to be carefully created and nourished. Bob and Alicia have enabled numerous top tier organisations globally to transform executive groups and boards into high performing teams. Their unique, research-based diagnostic tools, group coaching and simple but powerful dialogue skills transform ordinary groups into exceptionally focused and motivated teams.

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Strategy & Consulting

As their many articles and business best-sellers on strategy attest, Bob and Alicia’s ideas challenge conventional approaches to crafting and implementing strategy and creating high-performing organisations. Drawing on the latest research that shows how people really make decisions to buy goods and services or to support and implement change, the pair guide leaders to shape the most successful direction for their organisations and build the cohesion, enthusiasm and loyalty that ensure they are carried out.

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Bob Murray and Alicia Fortinberry talking