Overcoming challenges to impact and influence

In order to make a real difference, you need to be able to persuade decision makers and clients to accept your views and enact your advice. This can be particularly frustrating when you have little positional power over them. Often these people will be at higher positional levels than you - in fact, you may not even interact directly with them - such as Board or Executive members.

How do you cascade your influence upwards? Or to clients, colleagues and junior team members?

Drawing on the latest science in decision making and influence, Dr Alicia Fortinberry will help you persuade and galvanize the people you need to support you and make the right things happen. These concepts and skills apply to family and friends as well as work.

“Expanding your influence: Ensuring your message gets through at all levels”


60-90 minute talk or keynote

You will learn

What the new science shows really motivates people to make decisions and act on advice and what does not

How to get just about anyone committed to you and your ideas by switching on the trust and reward centers of the brain

How to gain authentic power by expressing your own needs and boundaries

How to coach upwards and empower others to do the right thing

Perfect for

Agile leaders and team members

Internal and external consultants


Risk advisors

Bring your best future forward

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