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Alicia Fortinberry and Bob Murray

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Empowering individuals and organizations to build supportive relationships that foster health, fulfillment and performance.

Globally recognized thought leaders in behavioral science and business management, Bob and Alicia have devoted their professional careers over three decades to combatting myths about what human beings are all about. They are committed to arming people and businesses with the knowledge and practical skills to build the organizations, communities, families and relationships that are compatible with our “design specs” and enable people to be healthy and fulfilled.

Dr Bob Murray and Dr Alicia Fortinberry

Our Story

Over three decades ago, Bob and Alicia came to the realization, based on emerging neuro-science and their own work in New York with individuals and families, that by far most important aspect of human life is relationships. This is now accepted wisdom, but it was radical at the time. 

Guided by the rapidly evolving body of evidence from a broad range of scientific disciplines, they deepened and communicated the implications of this game-changing discovery for every aspect of life. Their work has influenced such diverse areas as mental and physical health, personality development and child-rearing, decision-making, behavioral change, organizational culture and strategy. It has earned them global acclaim including a AAS Science Achievement Award.   

In addition to their ground-breaking theory, Bob and Alicia developed a practical step-by-step method that can be put to immediate use to form connections that sustainably enhance health, effectiveness and satisfaction.  

As guest lecturers, Bob and Alicia shared their theory and initial techniques with medical and psychology professionals at numerous hospitals as well as Duke and Tufts University Medical Centers and Sydney’s North Shore Hospital. The also delivered graduate courses at the University of California at Northridge and Melbourne Law School.

Sponsored by the University of Florida, their acclaimed Uplift Program for depression drew people from all over the US. Their two best-selling books Creating Optimism and Raising an Optimistic Child, brought their method to thousands more.  

Starting with medical center staff, the pair began working with organizations. Their global firm Fortinberry Murray enables enterprises to create relationship-centered culture, leadership and strategy. Fortinberry Murray serves global 500 and top-tier national clients as keynote speakers, educators, advisors and senior executive coaches [link to Our Services page]. 

In recognition of their work in organizational resilience, President Obama appointed them head of his US National Workstress Initiative. Bob is currently an honorary Board member of the Mental Health Institute of Legal Professions (ISMA-MHILP) and is working with the New South Wales Law Council on an initiative for lawyer’s mental health. 

The pair’s business best-sellers include “Leading the Future; The Human Science of Law Firm Leadership and Strategy” and “The Human Science of Strategy”. Their columns and articles regularly appear in the business and professional press.

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