Build, motivate and lead high performing teams

In this lively and interactive presentation, attendees will be give highly practical tips and tools based on the latest science and neurogenetics to help them build, lead and motivate HPT's.

Whether agile or not, the successful business of the future will be composed of high performance teams able to drive innovation and work flexibly in almost any given area. Many enterprises, large and small have already realized this and are moving in that direction. Research shows, however, that less than 5 percent of teams are truly high performing.

What stops most groups from High Performing Teams? What does the latest research tell us about how to create, lead and motivate a high performing team? We simply explain the genetic and neurobiological drivers of flexibility, motivation and excellence. How do you most effectively reward them?

Finally we look at the 5 skills that bind these teams together and enable them to face and overcome even today's most extreme challenges.


60 - 90 minute keynote

You will learn

How to form a high performing team based on size and composition

Adopt the right leadership style for an HPT

Motivate for performance

Enable innovation and adaptability

Set goals and know when to step back

Perfect for

anyone who has to manage or lead people and teams

senior management

department and group leaders

anyone involved with learning and development

all those involved in change and innovation

Bring your best future forward

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