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Corporate scandals have been on the rise for the past decade | Today's Research by Fortinberry Murray

These, along with the emergence of the #MeToo movement and environmental, social and corporate governance mandates, have led to increased scrutiny of corporations’ ethics culture.

Feelings of ethical superiority can lead to workplace ostracism, social undermining. | Today's Research by Fortinberry Murray

A new study published in the Journal ofBusiness Ethics suggests that your feelings of ethical superiority canlead you to have negative emotions toward a “less ethical” coworker.

"Professionalism" linked to unethical behavior | Today's Research by Fortinberry Murray

“Managers could commit to continuing education and practice to remain competent and ethical,” they said. “Efforts to progress one’s cognitive moral development and empathy would help in understanding one’s limitations and fallibilities.

Machine sentience: what happens when machine learning goes too far? | Today's Research by Fortinberry Murray

What the researchers say: “Many of the people concerned with the possibility of machine sentience developing worry about the ethics of our use of these machines, or. whether machines, being rational calculators, would attack humans to ensure their own survival

Lawyers' "game framing" of negotiations associated with lower moral character and less honesty | Today's Research by Fortinberry Murray

“We suggest that the opposite of an ethical decision frame is not a business decision frame or a legal decision frame as has been discussed in prior work, but rather a game frame—a cognitive construal of negotiation as an adversarial process with arbitrary

The criminal, and unethical, brain is different | Today's Research by Fortinberry Murray

I have been doing a lot of research recently on the genetics and neuroscience of ethics specifically unethical behavior, so this study is of particular interest to me.

Businesses have a moral duty to explain how algorithms make decisions that affect people | Today's Research by Fortinberry Murray

In a new analysis, researchers explore the moral and ethical foundations to such a right. They conclude that. the right to such an explanation is a moral right. , then address how companies might do so. The analysis appears in. Business Ethics Quarterly.

Society is rejecting facts; medical researchers can help | Today's Research by Fortinberry Murray

The researchers stress that research integrity starts with investigators who share the guiding principles of honesty, openness, and accountability and who provide scientific and ethical mentorship to their trainees.

Winning-at-all-costs in the workplace: Short-term gains could spell long-term disaster | Today's Research by Fortinberry Murray

The researchers point to the Enron meltdown and subprime mortgage crisis of 2008 as examples of workplace cultures where management and employees neglected ethics and focused on the bottom-line, resulting in disastrous consequences.