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The downside of loyalty: why some organizational cover-ups go unchecked | Today's Research by Fortinberry Murray

Ingroup members, unlike those outside the group (‘outgroup’), recognized and appreciated the self-sacrifice and benefits that relational cover-ups provide to their own team.”. However, ingroup members are not lenient in all types of cover-ups.

Rats prefer to help their own kind; humans may be similarly wired | Today's Research by Fortinberry Murray

What the researchers say: “We have found that the group identity of the distressed rat dramatically influences the neural response and decision to help, revealing the biological mechanism of ingroup bias,” said the study’s senior author.

Commonality leads to trust and acceptance | Today's Research by Fortinberry Murray

Many prior studies have shown that people tend to have positive attitudes towards others who are part of their own social ingroup and negative attitudes towards outgroup members.

Conservatives and liberals motivated by different psychological factors | Today's Research by Fortinberry Murray

Previously, some have argued that liberals have an impoverished sense of morality, emphasizing only issues of fairness and harm avoidance, which they see as individualistic, whereas conservatives have a broader “moral palette” that values ingroup loyalty, obedience

How much gossip is needed to foster social cooperation? | Today's Research by Fortinberry Murray

The researchers noted the central role that indirect reciprocity plays on X, formerly known as Twitter, and how disagreement about reputations and ingroup-outgroup dynamics can incentivize bad behavior.

Explained: Political polarization | Today's Research by Fortinberry Murray

They prefer to have interactions with their own groups, or “ingroups” of people where they have less risk of failure,” the researchers said.

Why people love to hate on do-gooders, especially at work | Today's Research by Fortinberry Murray

The study found that cooperative behavior attracted punishment most often ingroups whose members compete. This was even the case when punishing orderogating the do-gooder lessened benefits for the entire group, including thepunisher.