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The effects of obesity mirror those of aging | Today's Research by Fortinberry Murray

Now the whole idea of obesity is being rethought. In a paper published in the journal. Obesity Reviews. ,researchers argue that. obesity should be considered premature aging.

Workplace health programs can make you fat. | Today's Research by Fortinberry Murray

Workplace health promotion programs that encourage employees to take responsibility for their own weight may have detrimental effects for employees with obesity, reveals a new study.

How we dehumanize cyclists, the obese and everyone not like us | Today's Research by Fortinberry Murray

on average rated people with obesity as ‘less evolved’ and human than people without obesity.

Overeating is not the primary cause of obesity | Today's Research by Fortinberry Murray

But adding a bit here and there is not the same as obesity and most of us will be able to pare ourselves down when the lockdowns end.

The correlation between obesity and income is only recent | Today's Research by Fortinberry Murray

Experts describe the unprecedented rise in obesity in recent history as the most rapid change ever seen in human physiology. Only a century ago, obesity was a phenomenon almost unknown tocitizens of the US and other developed countries.

Whether you're 18 or 80, lifestyle may be more important than age in determining dementia risk | Today's Research by Fortinberry Murray

Individuals with no dementia risk factors, such as smoking, diabetes, obesity, or hearing loss, have similar brain health as people who are 10 to 20 years younger, according to the new research.

Maternal deaths caused by chronic hypertension continue to rise | Today's Research by Fortinberry Murray

The incidence of hypertension-related maternal deaths sharply increased with maternal age, being highest among women aged 45 to 49, and obesity, the study found.

Inequality is bad for society, economic prosperity good | Today's Research by Fortinberry Murray

A comparison of social ills from intentional homicides to obesity rates in 40 rich societies shows that Asian and European countries fare much better than Anglophone and Latin American countries.

Forty percent of dementia cases could be prevented or delayed by targeting 12 risk factors throughout life | Today's Research by Fortinberry Murray

These are in addition to nine factors previously identified by the commission in 2017: less education early in life; mid-life hearing loss, hypertension and obesity; and smoking, depression, social isolation, physical inactivity and diabetes later in life (

Living in a disadvantaged neighborhood affects food choices, weight gain and the microstructure of the brain | Today's Research by Fortinberry Murray

“Our results suggest that regions of the brain involved in reward, emotion, and the acquisition of knowledge and understanding might be affected by aspects of neighborhood disadvantage that contribute to obesity,” she continued.