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Think leisure is a waste? That may not bode well for your mental health | Today's Research by Fortinberry Murray

They were also asked how much they agreed with five statements assessing the degree to which they believed leisure is wasteful (such as “Time spent on leisure activities is often wasted time”).

Physical stress on the job causes brain and memory decline in older age | Today's Research by Fortinberry Murray

“By pure volume, occupational exposures outweigh the time we spend on leisure social, cognitive and physical activities, which protect our aging minds and brains.”.

Time out: We all need a three-day weekend | Today's Research by Fortinberry Murray

The most common holiday type was ‘outdoor recreation’ (35 per cent), followed by ‘family/social events’ (31 per cent), ‘rest and relaxation’ (17 per cent) and ‘non-leisure pursuits’ such as caring for others or home renovations (17 per cent).

Why economic growth does not necessarily contribute to human happiness. | Today's Research by Fortinberry Murray

These indicators reflect the level of consumption, quality andintensity of social relations, people's values, work-leisure balance, andsubjective wellbeing. The study examines the way these indicators change indeveloped economies over time.

When building rapport, sometimes less is more | Today's Research by Fortinberry Murray

Prior to being interviewed, participants completed a document that required them to rank 10 topics (academics, athletics, family, finances, friends, leisure, medical history, mental health, pet ownership, romance) in terms of how personal they were.

The correlation between obesity and income is only recent | Today's Research by Fortinberry Murray

What the researchers say: For the US section of the study the researchers analyzed data made available by the US Centre of Disease Control and Prevention about obesity levels, leisure activities, income rates and incidences of diabetes.

Changes in wealth tied to changes in cardiovascular health | Today's Research by Fortinberry Murray

“Decreases in wealth are associated with more stress, fewer healthy behaviors, and less leisure time, all of which are associated with poorer cardiovascular health,” said the researchers.

Mental health issues increasing significantly in young adults | Today's Research by Fortinberry Murray

“Young people can’t change their genetics or the economic situation of the country, but they can choose how they spend their leisure time. First and most important is to get enough sleep.

Using money to buy time linked to increased happiness. | Today's Research by Fortinberry Murray

So happiness equals leisure time. What a surprise (see hunter-gatherers piece above)! The truth is that we humans are wired to work no more than 10 - 15 hours a week and not to have personal ownership of anything. Those are deep within our DNA.

Multitasking increasingly disrupts learning | Today's Research by Fortinberry Murray

This can even be practiced during leisure. For example, when watching a favorite TV show or sporting event, focus on the show and don't get distracted by texting friends and posting to social media."